Why Not Explore Church in St Thomas?

Explore Church Staff

Kirk Harper, Pastor



I just want to thank you for checking out Explore Church 

and would like to give you a personal invitation. 

If you have never been to church before 

or you have not been to church in a while 

why not consider attending one of our Gatherings 

at the Galaxy Cinema. 

It is great place to relax with a tea or coffee 

and enjoy the contemporary music, 

engaging media and relevant talks. 

If you have a heart for giving back to the community of St Thomas, 

Explore Church has a passion to be engaged

 in community outreach opportunities, 

such as; Fresh Start Maternity Care, 

Inn Out Of The Cold and Operation Christmas Child. 

Connecting at Explore Church will give you that opportunity 

to love on and bless people in need.  

Explore Church is not just a place to go . . . 

but it is a community to engage in!